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Since 2004 our experienced technicians scan, save, convert, restore and back up photos and digital images, transfer family videos,  8mm, 16mm and Super 8 home movies audio tapes & records to CD/Mp3, the Cloud for streaming or DVD, CD, Smart Phones, tablet devices, computers, websites, thumb drives and hard drives. Check out our Product Recommendations, Tape & Media Repair Service & Audio/Video Rentals. 

Are Your Memories Safe and Protected?

Our greatest and happiest moments in life are often captured on photos and other media. Capturing these special moments is an integral part of the fun and excitement surrounding some of life’s most significant events— the celebration of a new baby, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, beloved pets, graduation, family vacations and reunions— are all part of what makes each life so unique.

Unfortunately, we are not unique in the lack of preparedness to preserve and protect our memories and we are sorely unprepared for the loss we would experience, should we discover that decades of our most prized events have been destroyed by an accident or a natural disaster.

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We make it simple and easy to preserve and enjoy those precious "one of a kind" photos, slides, magazine or newspaper articles... 

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Life support  for your old damaged photos. They don’t
have to be forgotten.

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We make it easy to enjoy your Family Videos by digitizing them to DVD, USB and hard drives or cloud storage.

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Are you thinking about getting a Camera, Computer, Scanner, Memory Card, Software for Photos/Videos..?

Since 2004 we have tested and used a countless number of photo / media software and hardware products.

We have learned many things and are sharing that knowledge and experience with you.

No matter what your level of experience is, we have useful information and buying recommendations to save you time & money.


We make it easy to transfer your Family Movies by digitizing them to DVD, USB and hard drives or cloud storage. 

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Sharing life with a photo montage adds a priceless touch for anniversaries, wedding, birthdays, funerals, memorials and even graduations. 

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Listen anywhere / anytime to your favorite LP’s, 45’s, 78’s, Cassettes, Reel to Reel, DAT’S & Other CD’s 

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Perfect for your next Party or Event!

Easy to Rent...
Easy to Move and Set Up
Easy to Enjoy!

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Need something fixed?

Broken or Damaged Video/Audio Tapes?
SD Photo/Video Card Corrupted?
We Can Help!

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Complete Website Services!

Easy to Set up...
Easy to Use...
Easy to Share!

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It's easy to back up ALL your data!

Easy to Set up...
Easy to Use - Computers, Tablets, Laptops etc.
Easy to access your data from any device anywhere!

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Why Insure Your Memories?1

Think about it. If you had to choose any item you could save from a fire, flood or earthquake, my guess is that you would likely grab a prized photo album or family video. Because keeping these memories provides a graphic portrayal of people and life experiences of the past. If you do not preserve them, some of your history will fade away along with those most meaningful sights & sounds.

Fortunately, through digital duplication technology, there are steps you can take to avoid this kind of devastating loss. These copies are like insurance policies. They protect you in case of disaster because you can not rely on outdated media formats no matter how well you’ve stored them.


A Giant Thank You!

"My american research assistant (Susan Link Camp) would like to thank Pix & Dubs in Laguna Niguel, CA for the transfer of video to DVD and Lp's to Cds!" (From Eileen Ford's book "Model Women" page 273)

Eileen Ford - Ford Modeling Agency
New York, NY

Re: Blue Man Group!

"Thank you so much!  This photo looks fabulous! My Son (founder of Blue Man group) loves it! We will see you again for sure—and have already begun the referrals.

Virginia H.
San Clemente, CA

This Will Be in my Family Forever!

"The restoration work you did on my old and damaged family photos was truly amazing I still can't believe how much better they look and now to have them in a digital file-form (not sure what to call it) makes me feel so much better. I know now that this will be in my family forever.

Thank you again.

Ann T.
Lake Forest, CA

A Word of Appreciation!

"Pix & Dubs is a great business with great people who own and run it. They came through at a very stressful time with a retouch of my father's photo.  The photo was beautifully restored;  so much so that it will be used for his gravestone".

Laura M.
Laguna Niguel, CA

Many of our customers visit us from these local cities: Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Coto de Casa, Dana Point, Dove Canyon, El Toro, Foothill Ranch, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Lake Forrest, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Ladera Ranch, Orange, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Tustin, and Yorba Linda.

We make it easy and safe to convert most medias like VCR and camcorder tapes and hard drives, Hi-8 and 8mm video, Mini DV, VHS-C, VHS, BETA (Consumer), 3/4 Inch (Pneumatic), Super 8, 8mm & 16mm movie film, as well as records, LP’s, 45’s and 78’s, cassettes and reel to reel tapes to cd and smart phones like iPhones and Android, Samsung and tablets like iPad

We use state of the art technology to capture and preserve your memories on DVD and CD and can not only convert VHS to DVD but perform video, audio and photo editing, scanning and restoration to post on popular websites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

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